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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 08:37 am

IT IS A NEW YEAR, and what better way to spend this year than to watch MOUNTAINS OF MOVIES? i love movies.....but I'm not obsessed *twitch*.

One movie I watched this December was one I had to fight tooth and nail over, ONE MISSED CALL.
one missed call Pictures, Images and Photos
Loved it, because I like movies that understand my fear of cell phones, and my love of evil children with knives in black hoodies.

Another favorite was REINCARNATION
Reincarnation Pictures, Images and Photos
This movie was like a train wreck (Not in a bad way!) horrifying yet you can't look away. It freaked me out so much, I had to have my mom home, in daylight, with the lamp on.

More movies later, I'm busy.

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