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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 09:50 am

Now I know these will sound emo, but I don't care.
A. Because this is how I feel and I am in no way suicidal and
B. Emos have cool hair and mine is lame.

See the King
Watch him rule
Hear the crowd
branding him their fool

See the king
Watch him bleed
Hear the crowd
Sloppily feed

See the king
Watch him fall from power
Hear the crowd
They won't notice for an hour
dir en grey ^^ Pictures, Images and Photos
Behold the king
Note: No make-up in this picture.

You cannot hate the boy in lace
look at that horrid sweet face
Smile sickly and so sweet
happy to any dangerous stranger happens to meet.
Peggy giggles Pictures, Images and Photos

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