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The Sage Part 1 of ?

Dec. 21st, 2009 | 01:08 am
location: The darkness of night and the light of a laptop
mood: tired tired
music: None

It was a perfectly normal day in Glass city, the mutated birds flying over head snatching the occasional wandering child off the streets to it's nest. Hookers and crack heads littered the streets, bartering their wares to passing business men and school children on their way to work or destroyed school yard.
Early that morning the Pink Belly silicon factory powered up and a thin layer of smog settled itself over the city, and everyone already immune to it barely coughed.
The police armored trucks made their rounds, taking in any "evil doers" that couldn't offer them bribes be it sex, drugs, or money. If someone said they didn't have a bribe, the police claimed that some how they were resisting arrest and would beat them violently with steel rods called oddly enough "The law".

Yes it was a normal day, filled with it's typical fear, ecstasy, and smog.

There were nicer parts of the city, slightly less plagued but still touched by it's poison. The houses were less in shambles, and actually resembled houses. The people actually had intact clothing and didn't look like they had never seen a bath or shower before.
Some of them actually ate regularly, but the number was scarce.
Instead of smelling the heavy scent of smog and presumably toxins, the air was somewhat cleaner due to it's more elevated height. 

All in all, the people pf Glass City called it Hell. Complete Hell. And who was to blame for all this?
Well, no one knew his name, or if he was even a HE. The dastardly villain who had taken over this not peaceful but close enough city never had shown their face or given a name The New Master, or TNM for short.
During the initial take over and for every public announcement, TNM would simply send out his lackie The Jack-o-Lantern a short black haired girl, wearing a tight black and orange uniform that covered every inch of skin and over her face a large white mask with a twisted carved face pattern smiling out at everyone she looked at. 
Slung on her back was a huge Gothic scythe with a black metal blade and polished onyx snath, impossible to be carried by any normal human but according to rumor, it's thanks to TNM that her strength was magnified 10 fold.
Little was known about her too, really the biggest known thing was that she hated most men and loved plowing down unsuspecting people with her scythe.

Now regarding the "Apocalypse" The New Master brought, that term is kind of used lightly. It wasn't so much an Armageddon but more a horrific overthrow of the huge city's government with hundreds dead and many injured and mutated thus instilling fear all over the world dashing any hope of Glass City being saved.

It all started with a rain of bullet from the clouds. They broke through the sky and ripped through flesh, some tearing all the way through and landing in bloody pools on the ground. Screams arose above the bullets in pain and fear, and intensified as the second wave of the attack hit.
The Jack-o-Lantern jumped from a sky scraper and landed on the ground with a crash, tearing up the street under her. Her wicked mask smiled as she slowly pulled the scythe from her back. Her finger's caressed the smooth rock that made up her weapon as she looked up.
"People of Glass City..."  Her voice carried, as if she were talking on a microphone as she gazed around, "Today you lose your freedoms."
With her final words she swung the large demonic tool out and slashed three people to bloody ribbons.
The citizens surrounding stared in horror, and one could swear they heard the sound of minds snapping. Jaws were dropped and not even a squeak was uttered.
No one knew how to react, but the black and orange demoness would soon show them.

Sparing all horrific detail, the city was under the order of TNM constantly monitored by the police and the Jack-o-Lantern. The police were to instill a sense of "justice" but really they used to be locked up in maximum security prisons and then stuffed into uniforms and given guns. 

After the horrible take over, The New Master seated themself comfortably in the Mistech computer headquarters building which sat in the middle of the city and stood the tallest.  The top 15 feet of the building rose above the smog blanket and gave a full view of everything. TNM hired themself a full staff to help them run the city to it's fullest ability. Though not all of them were trustworthy, one being a girl by the alias of Monsta Dearest. She got in because of her knowledge of weaponry, her riot control skills, and the fact that she was one of the few women left that wasn't a hooker, addicted to drugs, or part of the uprising resistance...or so they thought.
About 5 months after she was employed she was caught forwarding information to the underground society, and was aptly beaten to an inch of her life and tossed down into the sewer.

She floated in the disgusting brown water for two hours, fading in and out of consciousness. Her eyes would slowly open to see the slimy brick ceiling, a drop of sludge would hit her face and she'd slip away again. Luckily before her head could fall beneath the surface and drown her in...a truly horrible way, a pair of arms scooped her out and dragged her down the tunnels. 
Feeling herself being moved, she struggled to open her eyes but all she saw was the SuperMan symbol. She shook her head and let her vision fade.
'Su...SuperMan?' she thought shaking her head slightly 'no fucking way SuperMan is dragging me though a sewer....'

After about 20 minutes of her back being scrapped against the rough cement floor, the dragging stopped and she was laid down. A blanket, or so she assumed, was draped over her and she heard someone talking.

"Noah? Noah?" The voice shuffled up something and shouted. "SPOONY! Dammit where are you?!"

Monsta's head rolled to the side and she peeked again to see a guy in a black jacket looking around the large room...for a spoon named Noah?
'Oh wait...it's a guy' she thought as she saw this "Spoony" appear from behind a large stack of crates and moldy comic books. "What? Jesus, what the Hell are you shouting fo- is that a dead chick?" The Spoony one pointed at her and cocked an eye brow. "Did you kill some chick and drag her down here?"

"What?!" The guy from before asked incredulously "Why the fuck would I do that?"

"I don't know! We've been down here for a few months. The only girl you've seen is those skanks from the Bimbos in Time comics and the furry porn that's flushed down here. It's not completely out of the realm of possibility that you would bring down a real girl be she alive or...."

"Noah!" he punched the Spoony guy named Noah in the arm roughly "You're fucking sick! Though after waking up next to you I think I would take anything."
He walked over towards Monsta again, and Monsta could see she hadn't gone completely crazy and that she did see a SuperMan Symbol earlier. He grabbed her  face kind of roughly and looked into her eyes. "She's not dead...pretty fucking close though." He let her head drop but then grabbed her head again noticing what he did. "Shit. Uh, Spoony grab me something to clean her up with and some of that Asprin you found!"

"I told you don't call me Noah anymore!"

"I told you I don't give a damn! Now do it unless YOU want a dead girl down here!"

The Noah Spoony Spork thing grumbled but quickly gathered what the SuperMan guy wanted and handed it to him. "Any idea what happened to her?"

He shook his head, lifting the girls arm up gingerly to clean her up and dress her wounds as sterile as he could. "No clue. I found her drifting in the sewers. Any idea who would flush an emo looking ginger kid?"

(I'm ending here because it is 1:06 in the

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Feb. 24th, 2009 | 10:34 am

I am so evil~ I right this from my classroom. I know I shouldn't but this assignment is dull....LOUD MUSIC 8D Namely Kidnap the Sandy Caws redone by She Wants Revenge.
Ugh, This class sucks...it's fully of giggling girls obsessed with boyfriends and lyk OMG prom! :o

UH OH! Dammit teacher! Must go lovelies!

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More Poetry

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 10:10 pm

I am just another lost letter
another scream in the night
another drop of water in the sea
another tear from your eyes

I am just another mumbled word
another untranslated sentence
another unread book
another untyped letter

I am just another voice in a crowded hall
another slap to the face
another thought shoved aside
another paper left blank

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I love them!

Jan. 3rd, 2009 | 09:34 am

I was non-stalkerishly browsing Jack Spooky (Lead singer of the Candy Spooky Theater) when I came upon these weird dolls. Now my smallish brain thought, custom made like you can't get them. But then I saw a label and decided to look them up and oh my freakin Lord... I want every single one!
They're called Living Dead Dolls.
Here's the link. They're so creepy and I'm so messed up that I want them all, they are just too cute!

Minis 5 Pictures, Images and Photos living dead dolls Pictures, Images and Photos

Aren't they ADORABLE!?! I want them, so if anyone loves me you get me one OwO

Jack Spooky
JaCk SpOoKy

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....Mommy @_@

Jan. 3rd, 2009 | 08:31 am

Ugh.... Last night WAS NOT a good night. I got sick.... I was lying on my back one second and then running to the bathroom the next. I hate it when you have to re-taste everything you had that day...not fun. cat sick Pictures, Images and Photos
Well, nothing else to really say....my life is boring........yup....I like dots dot dot dot

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 09:50 am

Now I know these will sound emo, but I don't care.
A. Because this is how I feel and I am in no way suicidal and
B. Emos have cool hair and mine is lame.

See the King
Watch him rule
Hear the crowd
branding him their fool

See the king
Watch him bleed
Hear the crowd
Sloppily feed

See the king
Watch him fall from power
Hear the crowd
They won't notice for an hour
dir en grey ^^ Pictures, Images and Photos
Behold the king
Note: No make-up in this picture.

You cannot hate the boy in lace
look at that horrid sweet face
Smile sickly and so sweet
happy to any dangerous stranger happens to meet.
Peggy giggles Pictures, Images and Photos

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Movies movies movies~

Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 08:37 am

IT IS A NEW YEAR, and what better way to spend this year than to watch MOUNTAINS OF MOVIES? i love movies.....but I'm not obsessed *twitch*.

One movie I watched this December was one I had to fight tooth and nail over, ONE MISSED CALL.
one missed call Pictures, Images and Photos
Loved it, because I like movies that understand my fear of cell phones, and my love of evil children with knives in black hoodies.

Another favorite was REINCARNATION
Reincarnation Pictures, Images and Photos
This movie was like a train wreck (Not in a bad way!) horrifying yet you can't look away. It freaked me out so much, I had to have my mom home, in daylight, with the lamp on.

More movies later, I'm busy.

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Invatation to my own little pity party.

Jan. 1st, 2009 | 07:37 pm
location: Insanity
music: Murder Factory in the closet.

If anyone is reading this, they will find out that I tend to complain more than I'd like too. This entry is one of those times. This is such a small petty thing, but there is thing called the Tokyo Horror Fest two Man show. At this Concert will be a band named Satan that I have never actually heard but the SECOND one is a disturbing fantastic musical horror movie wrapped up into three people, the Candy Spooky Theater. This is probably one of the greatest things ever since the hide-sama memorial concert. Okay so maybe not THAT great but still, pretty damn awesome. Tickets ahead of time were 2800 yen and at the door 3300 yen. that is I believe roughly around $3.30? I don't know, still, it's cheap. Now I live in Wisconsin. needless to say I will not be able to see them. And even more added torture, they've gone through 2 guitarists already, and I want to see this one before he is murdere- he quits.

the candy spooky theater icon Pictures, Images and Photos

The Candy Spooky Theaters (male) Bassist Peggy Giggles.

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